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Hay Meadows

Many of our grasslands are rich in diversity .

Improving diversity of our hay meadows and cutting later to allow for self seeding and 

Working with Devon Wildlife Trust and The National Trust we have gathered seed from a hay meadow adjacent to the farm 

How do we reseed without ploughing,  restoring hay meadows with local species,

Plantain, yellow rattle, grasses and clovers.  Deep rooted plants such as plantain bring up nutrients from deep in the soil benefiting grazing stock.    Improving and stabilising soil structure.

Our own farm yard manure is spread on a small area of our farm, no other nitrates or fertilisers are used.



Our hedges are never flailed nor cut.  

Hawthorn, Holly, Blackthorn, Hazel, wild rose, clematis, honeysuckle Elder, Willow

Standard trees, Ash, Beech, Oak, Ash, Field Maple.


Provide nesting, foraging, shelter,

Birds, small mammals, dormouse, invertibrats, beetles, stag beetles,

Thick uncut

At the foot wild flowers, Campion, Blue Bell, Stitchwort, Cow Parsley

Nest and Hibernation Boxes

Tawny,Barn Owl, Bats - which ones?  Bat survey house roof found ...  Dormouse boxes



We have three orchards on the farm.  Renovated orchard at home, planted trees, local varieties... bugs bats birds ...

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